Inaudito, Cortometraje de Agustín Calderón

Realización de pantallas animadas.
On this fun short we did the animations that appears on screen. Thanks to Apple Computer México that lend us at that time the powerful Quadra 8500.
A pleasure to work with director Agustín Calderón Lelo de Larrea AMC and Producer Adolfo Navarro.

This interesting article in the NYT,Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too, sounds like the short is not afar from reality,

“Plants are not static or silly,” said Monika Hilker of the Institute of Biology at the Free University of Berlin. “They respond to tactile cues, they recognize different wavelengths of light, they listen to chemical signals, they can even talk” through chemical signals. Touch, sight, hearing, speech. “These are sensory modalities and abilities we normally think of as only being in animals,” Dr. Hilker said.






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