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MClaire Winslow (Kristen Dattilo) had everything she wanted in life. A beautiful Beverly Hills home and a loving fiancé, Will (Michael Lowry). But when Claire decides to surprise her fiancé on his business trip to Switzerland, the surprise is on her. Will has disappeared to the volatile Central American country of EL CORONADO.

Determined to track Will down, Claire lands in El Coronado and finds a country on the brink of revolution against dictator Presidente Ramos (John Rhys-Davies). Suspecting Will has been kidnapped by rebels, she persuades feisty news reporter Arnet McClure (Clayton Rohner) to take her on an expedition, deep into rebel territory, to meet freedom fighter, Rafael (Byron Quiros).

When Claire uncovers a clue to her fiancé’s disappearance and learns that he has been supplying arms to the rebel soldiers, she too gets involved in their cause. Together with Arnet and his TV crew, she embarks on a series of high adventures where Claire discovers her hidden talents as an action heroine.

Chased, shot at, and bombed, Claire finally finds Will, only to discover that she has again been betrayed. She sets about to take revenge, joining the rebel’s ultimate assault on El Presidente’s fortified palace with truly explosive results.

CORONADO is a triumph of technical achievement. Over 600 visual effects shots were created by Academy-Award winner Volker Engel and his partner Marc Weigert, averaging one every 9 seconds to make this one of the most exciting movies of the year.

Director(s): Claudio Faeh
Cast: Kristin Dattilo, Clayton Rohner, Michael Lowrey, John Rhys-Davies
Genre: Drama Thriller
Year of Production: 2003
Running Time: 90 minutes
Territories: Worldwide
Status: Completed
Producer(s): Volker Engel & Marc Weigert
Director(s) of Photography: Jaime Reynoso, Steven Douglas Smith
Production Designer(s): Michael Meier
Music / Score: Ralf Wienrich Edited by Peter S. Elliot
Production Company : Fireworks Pictures presents an Uncharted Territory production «Coronado»
Rights: All Rights
Producer(s): Volker EngelMarc Weigert
Director(s) of Photography: Jaime ReynosoSteven Douglas Smith
Production Designer(s): Michael Meier
Music / Score: Ralf Wienrich Edited by Peter S. Elliot
Production Company : Fireworks Pictures presents an Uncharted Territory production «Coronado»
Rights: All Rights

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Reparto y Personal Completos para Coronado (2003)

Claudio Fäh (como Claudio Faeh)
Volker Engel (guionista) &
Marc Weigert (guionista) &
Claudio Fäh (guionista) (como Claudio Faeh)
Kristin Dattilo Claire Winslow
Clayton Rohner Arnet McClure
Michael Lowry Will Gallagher
John Rhys-Davies Presidente Hugo Luis Ramos
Daniel Zacapa Sancho
Gary Carlos Cervantes Jose
David Earl Waterman Renny
Byron Quiros General Rafael
David Purdham Ambassador Hurrie
Danny Mora Skeptical Interrogator
Rafael J. Noble Gullible Officer
Aline Mayagoitia Anna
Claudia de la Cabada Rafael’s Subcomandante
José Escandón Prison Guard
Roger Nevares Outpost Guard Garcia
Diego Sandoval Execution Officer
Gabriel Ronquillo Colonel Valdez
Paco Estua Coupon Guy
Elizabeth Beckwith Rita
Fermín Martínez Roadblock Officer
Salvador ‘Apache’ Serrano Old Shepherd
Juan Manuel González Hotel Receptionist
María Luisa Coronel Rebel Woman (como Maria Luisa Coronel Garcia)
Emilio Guerrero Rebel Soldier #1
Salvador Aguirre Rebel Soldier #2
Alejandro Faugier Toothless Rebel
Hans Kohler Ramos’ General
Carlos Pedroza Post Office Clerk #1
listado alfabético del resto del reparto:
Riccardo Gabrielli R. Delivery Guy (escenas borradas)
Volker Engel …. productor
Bob Hurrie …. productor en línea
Marc Weigert …. productor
Stacey Weigert …. productor adjunto
Ralf Wienrich
Anna Foerster
Jaime Reynoso
Steven Douglas Smith
Peter S. Elliot
Claudia Becker
Paula Rosenberg (como Paula G. Rosenberg)
Michael Meier
Mirko von Berner
Martha Camarillo
Bridget O’Neill …. key makeup artist: second unit
Mark David Katchur …. director de producción (como Mark D. Katchur)
Tim Brown …. asistente de dirección
Ana Franca Álvarez Rascón …. coordinador del departamento artístico
Cesar Palafox …. on-set assistant
Troy Allen …. grabador adr
Torbjörn Andersson …. editor de efectos de sonido
Nicolas J. Boseck …. asistente de editor de sonido
Casey J. Crabtree …. artista «foley» (como Casey Crabtree)
Jeremy Grody …. editor de diálogo
Jeremy Grody …. mezclador de re-grabación de sonido
Monett Holderer …. artista «foley» (como Monette Holderer)
Frederick Howard …. editor de efectos de sonido (como Fred Howard)
Steve Kramer …. adr group leader
Gregory J. Lanesey …. post-production sound consultant (como Greg Lanesey)
Michael Lyle …. artista «foley»
Paul Menichini …. editor de efectos de sonido
Michael Mullane …. editor de efectos de sonido
Claes Nystrom …. mezclador de re-grabación de sonido
Claes Nystrom …. supervisor de edición de sonido
Richard Partlow …. artista «foley»
Matt Radecki …. post-production sound consultant
Ron Ruzicka …. mezclador «foley»
Enrico Altmann …. apprentice model maker
Ryan Won-Meng Apuy …. model maker intern
Scott Beverly …. effects supervisor
Greg M. Boettcher …. constructor de modelos
Matt Burlingame …. apprentice model maker
Catherine Burns …. pintor (como Cathy Burns)
Anthony Cook …. escultor
Eric Coon …. constructor de modelos (como Eric Bradford Coon)
Forest Fischer …. model crew chief (como Forest P. Fischer)
Shannon Blake Gans …. miniature effects: Hunter/Gratzner Industries Inc.
Adam Gelbart …. constructor de modelos
Matthew Gratzner …. miniature effects supervisor
Matthew Gratzner …. miniature effects: Hunter/Gratzner Industries Inc.
Amy K. Hall …. coordinador de efectos especiales
Jeff Inagalls …. constructor de modelos
Leigh-Alexandra Jacob …. pintor
Brooke Keesling …. apprentice model maker
Brian Kelly Hahn …. constructor de modelos
Scott Lukowski …. constructor de modelos
Salvy Maleki …. pirotécnico
Celeste Masters …. coordinador de efectos especiales
Shelley McKnight …. pintor (como Shelly McKnight)
Michelle Millay …. escultor
Ray Moore …. constructor de modelos (como Raymond Moore)
Michelle Morgan …. constructor de modelos
Keith St. Aubin …. constructor de modelos (como Kieth St. Aubin)
Stanley Sung …. model maker intern
James Waterhouse …. constructor de modelos
Marc Weigert …. efectos especiales
Bruno Arnold …. digital still photographer
Young Choi …. artista del guión gráfico
Matthew Collorafice …. compositor digital
Brandon Davis …. lead 3D animator
Vincent DeLay …. 3D artist: Uncharted Territory
Bob Eicholz …. executive in charge of production: Digital Mastering
Volker Engel …. supervisor de efectos visuales
Jens Ermeling …. Artista 3-D
Shannon Blake Gans …. visual effects executive producer: New Deal Studios Inc.
Rainer Gombos …. Artista 3-D
Paul Graff …. compositor digital
Matthew Gratzner …. art director: New Deal Studios
Matthew Gratzner …. miniature effects supervisor: New Deal Studios
Ben Grossmann …. supervising compositor
Yesenia Higuera …. visual effects project manager
Ian Hunter …. miniature effects: Hunter/Gratzner Industries Inc.
Kassandra Kaplan …. 3D pre-visualization
Janice Kubo …. additional backgrounds
Lap Van Luu …. computer technician
Eric McAvoy …. compositor digital
Jonathan McCoy …. coordinador de efectos visuales
Haydar Mecit …. Artista 3-D
Benedikt Niemann …. 3D pre-visualization
Benedikt Niemann …. artista del guión gráfico
Mark Norrie …. Artista 3-D
Mark Norrie …. visual effects artist: Uncharted Territory
Wibke Preuss …. rotoscoping
Jesse Rios …. Artista 3-D
Mark Sachse …. visual effects coordinator: Efilm
Dan Trezise …. compositor digital
Juan Vázquez …. 3D pre-visualization
Christine Wagner …. second assistant camera: visual effects miniature photography
Sajit Warrier …. asistente de editor de película
Marc Weigert …. supervisor de efectos visuales
Karl Braun …. doble
Jeffrey R. Clark …. operador de cámara
Wilma Gómez Luengo …. primer asistente de cámara
Erick Reyes …. asistente de cámara
Luis David Sansans …. Steadicam operator
Víctor Balderas …. extras casting: Mexico
Claudia Becker …. casting: Mexico
Ángeles Contreras …. extras casting: Mexico
Enrique Ramber …. extras casting: Mexico
Rogelio Rojas …. casting associate: Mexico
Tami Rumble …. casting associate: Los Angeles
Michael Schubert …. mezclador de banda sonora
Karl Braun …. unit transportation coordinator
Riccardo Gabrielli R. …. asistente de producción
Ben Grossmann …. title designer: main titles
Taryn P. Kelly …. asistente de producción
Eric K. Lua …. assistant to visual effects project manager
Maggie Means …. contador de producción
Alejandro Ordonez …. assistant to visual effects project manager
Mauricio Pedroza …. asistente de coordinador de producción
Anthony Reynolds …. asistente de producción
Heiko Schiefer …. asistente de producción
Roland Emmerich …. gracias

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