Dirección de Arte.


Mirko von Berner is a production designer with more than 25 years of creative experience in the industry proficient with digital technologies for full art departament management and able to paint, draw, sculpt, design, manage and art direct big and small projects.
Since moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2006 Mirko has participated as production designer, art director and prop master for tv commercials, films and theatrical plays for brands as ONDCP, NCAI, PDFA, Qwest, SRP, Food City, Erickson Homes, Target and worked with companies as Arvizu Advertising, Karidis Productions, Blade Productions, Working Pictures, Sterling Productions and Southwest Shakespeare Company.
Mirko as aquired his experience on feature films, tv commercials and events produced and directed by Julian Schnabel, Martin Campbell, Douglas Claybourne, Alex de la Iglesia, Claudio Faeh, Volker Engel, Alejandro González Inárritu, Arturo Ripstein, Gabriel Retes, Fernando Sariñana, and Antonio Serrano in movies as ‘The Mask of Zorro’, ‘Spanglish’, ‘Before Night Falls’, ‘Coronado’, ‘The Other Conquest’, ‘Perdita Durango’, ‘A Sweet Scent of Death’, ‘Cero y van 4’, ‘Never to Young to Dream’, ‘A Second Chance’, ‘Mystic Stones’, ‘Dark City’, ‘Amar te Duele’, ‘Deep Crimson’, ‘The Come-On’, ‘The Beginning and the End’ and ‘Rollers’.
Mirko share credits in productions with celebrities as Javier Bardem, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Z. Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Adam Sandler, James Gandolfini, Diego Luna, Damian Delgado, Martha Higadera, Vanessa Bauche, Adriana Barraza, Jesus Ochoa, Héctor Suárez, Rosie Perez, Héctor Suárez, Roberto Sosa, Bruno, Demián y Odiseo Bichir, Plutarco Haza, Eugenio Derbez, Angelica María, Luis Felipe Tovar and Héctor Alterio.
Mirko has participated in projects for brands as ONDCP-NCAI-PDFA, Qwest, SRP, Food City, Erickson Homes, Target, Mcdonald’s, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Budweiser, Absolut, Sony, Samsung, Axe, Gillette, TheraFlu, Nissan, Pepsi, General Motors, Doritos, Schweppes, Intel, Daewoo, Nextel, Axtel, Telmex, Prodigy, Bacardi, Liverpool, Nautica, Bancomer~Mas Fondos, Banamex, Santander, Tecate, Manzana Lift, Kas, Sprite, Carta Blanca, Nochebuena, Superior, Sabritas, Barcel, Gansito, Jumex, Televisa, Azteca, Across, Cafe Dolca, Estrella Blanca, X-pod, Nissin, Colchas Intima, Vianney, Ting, and music videos for Sin Bandera, Shalim and Pepe Aguilar.
He studied visual arts at the ENAP (National school of plastic arts) in Mexico City. His early experience in production crews and his artistic knowledge of painting, drawing, sculpture, and new technology combined with his innate sense of aesthetics and strong influence of the artistic and architectural trends of the 20th and 21st centuries are strongly reflected in the variety of his work. He learned at an early age how to absorb his life’s ever changing surroundings, making them part of his artistic heritage, later to be manifested in his creations.
Professionally, Mirko studied as a plastic artist and collaborated with Sculptor Iker Larrauri and collaborated with paintings and murals on Ripstein’s movies ‘The Beginning and the End’ and, winning him a nomination for best Stage Design. These experiences allowed Mirko to perfect his production technique in the Art Department.